Granny Square Crochet

Published: 08th August 2009
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With the renewed interest in crochet, brought about by its use in fashionable ready-to-wear, and the long-running interest in anything antique, vintage, or nostalgic, - most easily recognizable in the patchwork quilting phenomenon - there has also come a growing interest in crochet in general, and the making of rugs, shawls, throws, etc. in the style which has become popularly known as 'Granny Square Crochet'.

This much-loved style of crochet is arguably the most universally recognized crochet motif around the world. Its popularity stems from the facts that it is made from basic stitches and is therefore quick and easy, it is small, very portable, fast, and uses up bits of yarn left over from other projects. When the motifs are joined the end result is a very practical, colorful and cosy article which looks and feels very special and yet was both easy and cheap to make.

Adapted from the much finer and more complex crochet patterns brought by the early European settlers to America, which of course were also time-consuming, granny square crochet became the more practical and useful expression of crochet at a time when practicality and usefulness were much more necessary to everyday life, and indeed survival, than fine and intricate beauty was.

Which is not to say that granny square crochet is not beautiful, because it most certainly does have a beauty all its own. With its wonderful colors, patterns and textures it has aesthetic beauty, but it also has an ethereal beauty, too, or 'soul' - the ability to touch our hearts, perhaps because it connects us with the 'humanness' of the ones who made it, and also because it is so practical. Granny square rugs, shawls and throws are 'comfort' articles. They are also very satisfying to make.

If you have not yet tackled a crochet project - maybe because you are not sure what to do - then granny square crochet can be the very best way to get on, once you know your first basic stitches. The fabulous thing about granny square crochet for a beginner is that each square is quite small and therefore easy to finish, so that you can just crochet them whenever you have a few spare minutes. It won't take much time at all before you have enough to put together to make something. I have seen them used to make cushion covers, doll's blankets, and even pot holders, so you see there are practical and pretty things you can do with only a very small number of squares, or even just two!

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